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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

shhhh ..... it's a secret! ;)

So I have a secret ..... I started a new blog ..... it's because there is a new path in my life ..... we are pregnant!! :) I think just about everyone knows now so I figured it was safe to tell all my readers here! I probably won't be posting here anymore either so this way you can follow my new journey on my new blog. We found out almost three weeks ago so that makes me 8 weeks pregnant now! I still have a long way to go and I am not even finished my first trimester yet but we were too excited to not tell anyone! I figure this way too that if anything bad were to happen then I will have tons of support! :) So I was going to get my hubby to upload the pics we took of my pee sticks but he was busy last night and I forgot to ask so I just uploaded one from the Internet! ? he he It's the same brand of one of the tests I took so it's kinda the same!? ;) So if you are curious and don't mind a little detailed info on girly stuff then you can follow my new journey!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Tonight is bowling night (5 pin), we go every Thursday from 9pm till about 11ish - it makes for a super long night but it is nice to get out, especially now that winter is coming. Lately I have been trying to have a nap before we go just cause I get so tired!

We went shopping last night too with my hubbies Grandma, she saw something and wanted to get it for us but wanted us to look at it first. So off to Zellers we go, it was a glidder rocking chair - I liked it and it is something I have always wanted so she bought it for us. An early Christmas present, I think!? I can't wait to get it set up and try it out but so far it is still in the back of my car! he he I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet and have no idea on what to get people - I wish we would just buy gifts for the kids and not everyone but it is hard to convince my hubby of this. It's not that I don't like giving gifts I just don't like giving gifts that people won't use. And when you are 60 years + it becomes really hard to think of something they actually "need" and not some dust collector that they will never use!?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend review

So we had our race banquet on Saturday, it was good. One of the racer's own's his own catering company, they catered last year and it was really good - this year was the same. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a caterer, they serve appetizers, the main course that consisted of lots of salads and fruit, chicken, salmon and roast beef with all the sides to go with them and then at 11pm they brought out the late lunch! It was really good, of course I ate way too much. Hubby got a trophy for most valuable employee, which was a complete surprise but well deserved.

The rest of the wekend was pretty lazy on my part, we did some visiting on Sunday but I however was too lazy to clean the house! ;) Hubby said he would vacuum today and take the garbage out so we will see if that gets done!

I got a picture from my brother of my niece on Halloween. It is her first Halloween and looks super cute! Her she is.....

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

~~ Wednesday Weigh in ~~

Well its been a while since I've weighed in, I think the last one that I posted here was week 59 at 172.6lbs? It is now ....

Week 62 = 170.6lbs

I'm actually really surprised by this weigh in, I feel like I've been eating every hour, although they are "good" snacks I've still been snacking a lot! ;) I think I will do bi-monthly weigh ins so every 15 days or so? So my next weigh in will be November 15th, I will still weigh myself at home every week but I just wont be posting anything till the 15th.


As most of you know, today is Halloween! It's a fun time of year, a time of year that my hubby really enjoys. This is our second year converting our garage into a Haunted Garage, it is fun to have the neighbors come by and their kids seem to really enjoy it. Hopefully this year we will have more kids then last, the weather should be nice so there's no reason why people won't come out!? Halloween sure isn't like when I was young, there were kids everywhere no matter what the weather was like. We didn't have all the indoor activities like they do now in the malls, which I'm sure as a parent you are grateful for having the choice to Trick or Treat indoors as opposed to bundling up your little one finding a costume to fit over top of the piles of clothes and facing the elements of outdoors!? I think I still prefer the old fashioned way, where you walk your neighborhood and yell at people's doors, maybe get a few scares!? BOO ! ;) But at least now you do have that choice. We didn't buy any new costumes this year so I will be dressed up as a skeleton again and the dog will be in her sheriff costume! Last year we just left her in the house but I think I would like to try and have her outside, hopefully she will be a good dog! :) I will try to take lots of pics and post some here on the weekend.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weekend Review ... a day late ;)

Well the weekend was busy for me, or at least Saturday was fairly busy - I managed to get all my visiting done and was home for supper! :) I started off Saturday morning and went to see my brother at work since my Mom is not much of a morning person anymore I needed to waste time till she was ready for company! ;) So I asked my brother what the kids wanted for Christmas, he didn't really give me any more ideas then before I asked!? How could you're kid not have a Christmas wish list!? I remember when I was his age, my list was sooo long I had to edit it! My brother ended up giving me two CAT shirts that they had on clearance, they are nice and I always wanted a CAT shirt. Next stop was my Mom's, by now she should be dressed and ready for company! LOL I visited her for about an hour or so and then went to see Denise, we also had a good visit since her little one was napping we could actually have a conversation!! :) Then I went to my Dad's and had a super quick visit with him cause by now I was super tired and wanted to go home! I'll have to go back to my Dad's soon anyway so I can empty out my old hope chest.

Sunday was pretty relaxed, the usual house cleaning crap - we decided not to go visit the Grandparents cause hubby got invited to go Quading with the boys. I got a little scrapbooking in on Sunday and I cleaned out my pantry! Oh- and I went grocery shopping for "staples", that's about it for my weekend! Tomorrow is weigh in day and I think it should be a good one? We will see, I feel like I'm eating all the time but good things!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Friday! :)

It was a bit of a challenge getting to work this morning, it rained/ snowed last night so the roads were a little icy. A lot of the bridges in and around town were closed so you couldn't even go over them if you wanted too!? I took my usual 'ring road' highway to get here today, which wasn't too bad but when I got to the overpasses it looked like someone had put blue, red and yellow Christmas lights all over it cause of all the emergency vehicles on it! Then everyone that was detoured to go down the highway the opposite way they wanted to go, cause they couldn't get over the bridge, started driving trough the ditch to go the way they wanted! It was crazy - I thought there would be another accident for sure!

Well my BBT dropped to 36.68C (98.02F) so that can't be good news~! I guess
that maybe I am just having one of my 35CD!? I am woke up this morning to a nasal drip! I think I may be getting my winter cold, now that I'm at work and dealing with this nasal issue I am also dealing with a very hot face! My cheeks are hot hot hot - I'm very flushed today, my throat better not start to get scratchy! We have our race banquet next weekend and I don't want to be sick for that!

Not too much planned for this weekend, tomorrow I am going to head out to St.Albert to visit Denise and on Sunday we may go visiting the Grandparents!? If it's nice out I would like to use the leaf sucker upper thingy that the hubby has to suck up all the leaves that have fallen off the hedge in the front yard (looks kinda messy and will probably turn into mush over the winter). Other then that I don't think I have anything on my agenda, hopefully we will finish the Halloween Haunted Garage - I'll try to take some pics and post here when it is done. My brother is trying to plan a "play date" for his new puppy and wants me to come over with my dog for a visit, maybe during the week sometime or this weekend?! I'm trying to convince him to come to my house for Halloween and bring the kids to check out the Haunted House and the dogs can play in the yard!? ;)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Getting back on track

Well I think I am getting back on track, it is Wednesday today and usually on Wednesday's I have my weigh in ..... so I peaked - it looks good, I'm back down to where I feel I should be but I am not going to do an official weigh in post until the end of the month, then again mid-month (Nov.15th). As for my BBT it is still what I like to consider high (even though I don't know what my low is) 36.80C (98.24F) but I am still too chicken to test and see if it really means anything? Hubby thinks I should wait till Friday, which I think will be tough but I really don't want to see a (-)!! It's like getting a F on a test in school - feel like such a failure!

It is gorgeous outside today - almost nicer then a summer day! Maybe it's our "Indian summer", hopefully it will stay nice for Halloween? Hubby is working hard on getting the haunted garage done, I took a quick walk through it yesterday and it's starting to look really good! I didn't sleep very well last night, kept tossing and turning, so I'm a little tired today. Not too much else is new in my life? I think I will go out to St.Albert again this weekend and visit Denise before the snow starts to fly and I won't want to drive that far! ;) Other then that .... I don't think I have any other plans! ? Quite the boring life now that the summer is over!